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Magic Cat Street - Chiffon Gradient JSK reservations

The first batch will be shipped out around 25 July. After 25th July they are still taking orders, the second batch will be sent out around 10 August. Every pre-order participant will receive a complimentary pair of wristcuffs. The headdress cannot be purchased separately. The headdress is limited to 5 pieces for Forest of Jade; 10 pieces each for every other colour.

Materials: Chiffon 100-120 denier

Options: +头带 (JSK + headdress), 单jsk (JSK only)

Colours: 冰蓝之空 (Ice sky blue), 枯木之林 (Wilting Woods), 红酒之醇 (Fine Red Wine), 玫瑰之约 (Date with the Rose), 翡翠之森(Forest of Jade)

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*shaky teenager voice* hey guys welcome to my lets play of slender

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i wasn’t gonna do anything because i’m so busy that i feel like i’m gonna explode but the protodrawing bug bit me real hard, so… a quickie for the queen


On Writing:

Book Ideas for Young Writers (a good list of ideas for creative writing projects)

25 Ways to Plot, Plan, and Prep Your Story (in case you can’t figure out how you want to outline your story…)

On Editing:

The only thing you need (seriously) is Chuck Wendig’s editing trilogy. It provides a thorough action plan and checklist for what you should be editing.

Edit Your Shit Part One: The Copy-Edit

Edit Your Shit Part Two: Editing for Content

Edit Your Shit Part Three: The Contextual Edit

On Querying:

Query Shark (This site criticizes real query letters. An EXTREMELY valuable tool for learning how agents approach query letters.)

On Publishing:

How to Submit to Literary Magazines

25 STEPS TO BEING A TRADITIONALLY PUBLISHED AUTHOR: LAZY BASTARD EDITION (A fantastic post that covers EVERYTHING you should do and expect from the publishing process)

On Productivity:

How to Beat Procrastination (with science!)

The Psychology of Productivity: A Proven Way to Get More Done in Less Time

How to Go from Writing 2,000 Words a Day to 10,000 Words a Day (A famous post. The real deal. Solid advice for increasing the focus and speed of your writing.)


35 Jobs for English Majors

The Psychology of Creativity

I will be editing this list over time. Stay tuned.

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